Sunday, February 24, 2008

New pillows!

Today, out of the blue , I decided I finally needed to recover the pillows on my couch! Here's the fabric that I got at Purl Patchwork :

The bottom one is a super beautiful brown/black stripe from a Japanese company. It's just gorgeous and modern but also reminds me of homespun you'd find in a country store. I managed to whip up four simple pillow covers before the Oscars were over, I'll post a photo tomorrow in daylight.

Warning you, they're pretty basic... my sewing skills are limited and I didn't have a rotary cutter, so I improvised my straight lines using the wooden floor boards as guides. I figured, close enough for me! I've always been a 'settler' when it comes to sewing anyway. If it's not my measurement and cutting, it's a wonky seam from the sewing machine and somethings bound to go awry! They should hold up for a bit I think.


Kj said...

Love it!
though i'll miss the frayed silk scarves trying to stay on as pillow covers. Weren't they the former silk handkerchiefs that you'd made into a shower curtain? and weren't those the scarves you bought when you visited me in Providence for Easter back in 2003?

oh life.

are the covered pillows the original ones that came with the sofa? if they are- you should totally post photos of how ugly there are :)

Keepitmoving said...

Those sure were the scarves to shower curtain to pillows... it's so sad that they've gotten so wrecked beyond use!! I think I will show the fugly version, just for you Kj!