Monday, February 25, 2008

New pillows 2!

At Kj's request I'm showing the before ugly- came-with-the-couch-pillow:

Then these are the finished pillows I made last night. The inspiration came from the combo of two things... that for a long time I've REALLY needed nice new pillows and that after dance rehearsal and brunch with friends I just felt like a quick jaunt across town to buy fabric.

Sometimes you just have to do a simple project. Something easy that you know you can finish in a short period of time, just to remind yourself that you still can. That you still know how to use that sewing machine and turn some flat rectangles of fabric into something infinitely cuter than what came with your couch and have been settling for over a year.

The seams are loose (thank you broken sewing machine) and nothings perfectly square, but the job is done and I am pleased.


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hodge podge said...

they really perk up the couch! i love it when a simple project has a big impact ;o)