Monday, November 5, 2007

And the winner is...

I while ago I challenged readers to "List Game"
I promised the winner a surprise and I bet you're all wondering who knows me best, Kj, Garth or my Mom??? Apparently they all know me the same because it's three way tie!! They each got six answers correct! Go guys! Hmmmmm... now I have to figure out their surprises!

Here are my answers to my list Game:

#1. Flannel Sheets = Hate. Who got it right: Everyone!!
I like the idea of flannel sheets being warm and all. Places like Garnet Hill have some really cute patterns, but I just would rather have more blankets and quilts than hot sheets. I like to show off my collections. Plus, I think they take up more space on the shelf and washer/dryer.

#2. Michael Buble= Love. Who got it right: Everyone!!
I don't own any of his music, maybe my Mom could hook me up, but always listen when I hear him on the radio scan. Kj's answer pretty much sums up the rest....

#3. Cheez Balls= Love. Who got it right: Everyone!!
What's not to love, besides the fake orange nothingness? I heard the planters kind is discontinued.... my heart aches. Everyone gave very good reasons for why I love them, more than I even knew myself.

#4. Things spelled with "z" instead of "s"= Hate. Who got it right: Everyone!!
How annoying is that? I hate misspelled words used in advertising! Oh, and thanks for not naming me Kym mom!

#5 . Hankies= Love. Who got it right: Everyone!!
I love love love my hankies. I love the girlie edges on my delicate ones, I love the sturdiness of my grampa's old ones... and I love that they are so soft on my nose too. They do get a little gross it's true, but it doesn't really bother me.

#6. Doing Dishes= Love! Who got it right: Just Garth!!
Kj's right I do often leave piles of dirty dishes and take a long time to clean them up. My mom is right too I also do not love filling and emptying the dishwasher... but the simple act of warm water, soap and scrubbing, I love. I find it calming and enjoyable.

#7. Square Plates= Hate. Who got it right: No one!!
I'm an old fashioned gal and I like my round plates. I just don't think a square plate would feel nice. It's ok for serving dishes and especially sushi... but not for my meal thank you! I know I wasn't asking specifically about those square plates but... I also wouldn't like the bold flowers as pretty as they are. I like to see how pretty my food is!

#8. Baskets as drawers= Hate. Who got it right: Mom & Kj!!
I like the idea of getting organized and think hiding things in pretty containers is a good idea... I just don't like those basket/bookshelf/drawer things mostly because everyone has them!!!

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Kj said...

it was a great list, and I love the chance to ruminate on you and your ways. The square plate thing is a bit of a surprise (or I'm just projecting because of how much I love square plates) but your reasoning is fresh and insightful.

i wub you!