Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mobile Units 1 & 2

I try to keep a nice clean and tidy home and for the most part, I think I do a good job. I'd like to think of my self as a good little home keeper, filling my kitchen with vintage trinkets and homemade pies....but if you look down you'll get a whole other image!

Meet the mobile units #1 & #2:
They belong to my cats Louis & Dinah who basically rule the floor. At any given moment the mobile units can be seen inching along under Louis's fuzzy paw with Dinah close behind. For some reason, Louis cannot eat until he's moved his food somewhere and since Dinah prefers to eat out of the same dish as Louis I decided to limit the number of floor obstacles by making them share. So Louis drags and Dinah reaches her paw in to scoop out one piece of food at at time. Together the two of them leave a lovely little trail of soggy cat food bits and tiny puddles. all over my floor, completely ruining the urban homemaker image I work so hard to achieve!

This diagram is slightly exaggerated... but not by much! I didn't even have room to show an entire day!!
I thought if I got them this heavy water cooler like thing, that they'd be satisfied by the bubbles and not need to move it around too, but how wrong was I? I think they see it as an even bigger challenge! Do you know how many times I've practically broken my neck because I didn't see the mobile units underfoot? Or sent water and food flying across the room by kicking them? Or stepped barefoot in a soggy pile of kibble? When you add the massive amount of fluff that comes off these two each day... my floor is worse than a teenage boys!

And yet my life is so much better, despite the dribbles and constant peril... just look how cute!


jacob said...

fresh diagram.

Maria said...

your cat is ADORABLE!

i have to say, the whole movable dish is quite funny. my cats tend to leave bits of litter over the floor in my house back in Astoria, so i do feel your pain. im the one having to use the dustbuster most of the time before my mother blows a gasket (nonetheless, she LOVES our cats).

Keepitmoving said...

Where is her face???

thequietman said...

I know the feeling, I've had to abandon the whole water bottle thingy in favor of a simple cup full of water. I place it in the sink to avoid water being pawed out of the dish on the floor and dragged all over!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the map by big boss drew for me at a meeting last week. It's a map of her living room and the places where her dog defecates when she's at work. It's on my fridge if you want to see it.

Anonymous said...

P.S. previous comment by seth

Anonymous said...

I would suggest a water fountain for the cats. It keeps the water fresh as opposed to the one you are using. Added bonus - cats love it and it won't move! Oh and the cats are soooooo cute!!!