Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving Work Out...New York Style

  • Wake up and do laundry. Make it so you have to do two trips with heavy bags, resulting in going up and down your fourth floor walk up six times (four of those times with bags.)
  • Meet friends for bagel with lox and a latte. Head to Union Square area.
  • Run the pre-Thanksgiving Gauntlet at Trader Joes: grab all the items you want to save $$ on like butter, nuts etc, while avoiding the old ladies ramming you with their shopping carts. Take time to stretch while you wait in line for 20 minutes.
  • Head to the farmers market and fill your bags with vegetables (see diagram 1.) Feel free to sip a hot cider, you deserve it, plus it will increase your balance as you manuver through the crowds to get to Whole Foods.
  • Last but not least, pick out a good sized Turkey (12-18lbs) and hit the train.
  • Take two flights of stairs to get down, three flights to transfer and two flights to get out. Don't bother to sit down, not that anyone would give you a seat anyway. It's good to do this during rush hour, that way it's more of a challenge not to hit anyone with your bags.
    If you leave at 4:30, try to make it back to Brooklyn by 5.
  • Briskly walk to get home and up four flights to apt.
  • Take photo of yourself for blog.
  • Quickly shower and get out of the house by 5:15.
  • Rush back into Manhattan to show a bit of the dance you've been working on. (More flights)
  • Head back to Brooklyn stopping for more groceries. (see diagram # 2.)
  • Take another photo for blog.
  • Clean your house.

Stay tuned for a Post-Thanksgiving workout (not!)

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Brite Lines said...

man, I'm tired just reading it! Way to go Kim!