Thursday, July 5, 2007

New phase of Jewelry

If you read my second blog post you know about my little stamp collection. Well, I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate stamps into my jewelry making for a while now and have just hit on something that pleases me much.

I didn't want to do much to the stamps, as not to destroy their beauty... so I tried just gluing two together and hanging it on the end of a chain and made a matching pair of earrings. They looked pretty, especially that scalloped stamp edge, but it seemed too delicate. One swipe to tuck back your hair and there goes your earring!

Well I hadn't investigated much more than that until a recent shipment of jewelry findings arrived. Here's what I made because I can't wait any longer to show you!!!

It's a flip top frame with stamps inside.

I mounted each stamp to a piece of chipboard (using acid free glue of course, mom)

And then made sure each one was double sided so you can flip through and change your necklace everyday!! How many options is that! It's a little treasure box so you can carry a little stamp collection around with you!

Then I pair it with a little nautical-but-nice charm and a vintage chain.

That's enough talk. I'm going to make more NOW!

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Kj said...

I have a beautiful pair of KeepItMoving stamp earrings that I get compliments on every time I wear them.

i LOVE this necklace idea and it totally reminds me of those watches when we were little where you could mix n match the bands and watch face. i had the pastel themed one.