Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

Ok, I have the best mom ever and today is her birthday so I thought I would share with the world some of my most favorite things about her:

She always played games with me in the car. This was of course really fun as a kid, but I now realize what a great tactic it is to keep kids occupied and not complaining!

We recently started playing Yahtzee on a regular basis- usually during meals- when I'm home for a visit.

She always buys me a raffle ticket at the fund raisers she goes to. If my ticket wins, she gives me the prize when most people would keep it.

I can do a crazy dance in front of her for at least two minutes before she looks up and acknowledges me. She totally does this on purpose!!

I don't think she's EVER complained about going shopping with me.

She is an amazing gift giver, wrapper, care package packer, stocking stuffer-er... incredibly generous and thoughtful, this one. I especially remember the one Christmas when the presents were numbered... yeah, she likes to organize... and I got my nintendo AND tickets to see NKOTB in concert.

I always had the coolest clothes. I remember shopping at Kids-r-Us in elementary school and feeling so rad. For Christmas I would always get amazing outfits with matching socks and hair things (think sparkles & feathers... Lucky!)

She loves:

She is always willing to help. I see her help with so many organizations that need to raise money or organize an event. She'll do even the smallest task and never expect any notice for it.

She's friendly and makes conversation with strangers everywhere we go. It's really cute.

She raised me to be creative and never bored.

Most of our conversations take place while one of us is in the bathroom.

One nickname or me: Poopsie, which is unrelated to the reason above.

She's my mom and no one elses!!!


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zu-zu said...

MOM upside down and what do you have? WOW! What a wonderful birthday
surprise! I was smiling the whole time I read your comments (and
shedding a few tears). I am very grateful to know that what I have done
for you is appreciated. Of course I am a little embarassed, too because
I know this can be seen by anyone that wants to read your blog and
possibly anyone in the world! I am sure I do not have to worry about
any reporters camping outside my door trying to get a photo of this
older mother. Thanks for making this day as special as you! Now I have
two questions: when are you coming home so I can have a birthday hug
AND what arrangements have you made to make sure Tom receives this