Sunday, July 15, 2007


Right now, I was supposed to be with friends here

wearing this

sipping this

But I'm not!

In usual Kim fashion I awoke early, went to the grocery store and made a bag full of treats for the event. Fittingly, the odds where apparently against me today- I waited FOREVER for the bus and then when one came, finally, I realized I didn't pack my wallet. I had to run back home and of course missed the bus. Since there's no way to get there from here, I walked. In the heat, carrying all my crap. By this time, I had totally missed the LIRR train I was planning to take, but figured there would be another one and I'd just meet my buddies there. Nope. Last train.

There I was in the Atlantic Long Island Railroad Station wearing my favorite Victorian petticoats, my new Sephora bright red lip stain, toting 20 chicken salad sandwiches and a lime custard cake. Yeah, I let loose a couple tears. It was such a let down.

So I thought if I bought a few dumb things at Target which was right there, it might pick me up. Yeah, I got some scissors that are my favorite color and a beautiful new journal with creamy pages and a lovely plaid cover:

It did make me feel better.
So did about six of those chicken salad sandwiches and an iced coffee.

Now I have my fingers crossed for an awesome movie on TV.

"Over Board! Please let it be Over Board!!"


Kj said...

Never undersestimate the healing power of a movie where there's a montage of people designing, building and opening a put-put course. God bless Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn!

ZU-ZU said...

Lovely outfit, yummy food, good plan. Too bad it did not work out. What happend to your list? That has worked for you in the past. Did you get to see Overboard? It is a fun movie that can lift your spirits-I hope it worked for you. By the way, were you planning to bet on the races or just going for the experience?

Garth said...

Can we watch Overboard together some time?