Sunday, July 29, 2007

Love dot dot dot

Originally I had envisioned this blog to be about projects and the inspirations behind them... Inspired Knitting... but I've found that many other things seep in to fill the cracks of my brain and either enhance my creative process or distract me from it. Who's to say the distractions aren't just as important though? Maybe by actually giving them some of our time, they might be satisfied and leave us a lone for a bit.

So Love. Is it an enhancer or a distracter? Well, both I suppose and like many, I've been thinking about it a lot lately. About what exactly? Pretty much all of it, but mostly worrying about missing the boat. Like, what if you met the love of your life and did nothing about it? Or what if you thought you had found that love but they didn't love you back. Or maybe they did, but then dumped you out of the blue, leaving you baffled. Or maybe the person is less than perfect and all you want to do is run for the hills, but you can't help it. Love is an active thing, we do have a choice in the matter, right? How do we get on the same page with each other? And also, why can't we be satisfied with all the love all around us (our family & friends), instead of running toward the most difficult?

It's driving me crazy people. I'll admit to being young and easily swindled by the grip of love... but fool I am not. So why do I feel like one just for talking about all this??

If you want to be married and have children, you have to imagine yourself being married and having children with someone. And if you've thought these things, even if it was WAY before you were really ready for them, it is difficult to break your attached to them. And IF, without even knowing it, you've become attached to such fantasies... how do you get rid of them?

How do you mourn a loss of something, that never even existed???

I should team up with Nicholas Sparks on this one and write a real tear jerker...

What if the love of your life doesn't know he was the love of your life?

look out

What if you thinking someone was the love of your life, keeps you from seeing the true one right in front of you?

Either way I'm stunted and destined for spinsterhood.

Oh well, more time for knitting!

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highwayman said...

I stumbled onto your site because I was looking for a picture of Johnny Cash to put on my background. Anyway, I decided to start my own blog so I could add to your wonderings on the strange ways in which love seem to work.

What if someone knows that they're the love of your life, but you hurt them somehow, causing them to end up with someone else. (I hope it's not too obvious that I'm speaking from personal experience), but it's been over a year now and I still feel an ache whenever I think about her. Sadly she does still have strong feelings for me, and even though she wants to be friends (it's tempting, but too painful), I think it's best for both of us that we just go our seperate ways. I don't know if this is a comment, or just me blathering, but something about what you wrote made me go ahead and leaves this drivel. (Also, I liked the photos of all the things you found at the antique store. I'm not a huge collector, but I'm very eclectic. When I see something nice I hang onto it).