Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Update

Great News!! I just found out I got picked for Poppytalk Handmade! Yeah! I was so excited I decided to revamp my ETSY store and make new stuff. People will be able to view my products at Poppytalk, but will be linked to my etsy store if they want to buy so... it's gotta look fab!

I spent all morning Saturday doing a little photoshoot, which I'll soon post on Flickr. I know this is my own stuff and all, but I'm just in love with how it all looks. I had such a nice morning being a stylist & photographer!

The thing I'm REALY excited about though are my new "Trousseaus." (Can I make that plural???) I've had this idea for a while to gather lace, buttons, sewing needles and notions and organize them into little collections by color. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to debut them and I can't emphasize enough how much I love them!!! I'm not doing it alone either. My amazing mom, Toni (aka Zu Zu... ha ha I outed you mom!!!) has been scouring the Maine flea markets, yard sales and especially ebay to find me great treasures for you all! Thanks Mom!!!

Here's what my room looked like during the making!

And the end results:

They will be up on my etsy store soon!!!

I'll leave you with some recent thrift store finds

and some sneak peaks of my favorite photos of Saturday

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