Sunday, September 2, 2007

Laundry Day

For me laundry-day often also means clean-out-my-drawers-and-closet-day which pretty much morphs into crazy-outfits-day as I try to decide if I want to really keep that dress I haven't worn in two years, that funny beach hat or the tall boots I just bought on a whim kind of hurt my toes a bit. Does this happen to anyone else??

Usually, I reach a point in this process where I'm happy to part with old clothes or more accurately, put them in a bag to take to Salvation Army sometime in the next six months. And sometimes I come up with new outfits which may or may not work for all occasions.

The one on the right is a perfect example. I got the dress part at century 21 and while cute, the top kinda hangs open, requiring some sort of extra coverage underneath. It's also Britney Spears short. So I was breaking in the new boots, slipped on the dress to see if I should even keep it and spotted the little vintage corset top I just got a Treehouse last weekend. I wondered how it would look on top. It certainly takes care of the 'extra coverage' part and looks a little cute, right?

Now that the weather's starting to hint at Fall, it seemed as good a time as any to pull out those skinny jeans. The only problem is, my skinny jeans are a little more skinny than my legs seem to be right now. I remember my mom telling stories about how she and her girlfriends in college would sit in their jeans in the tub to make them fit. I wasn't quite ready to do that just yet, mostly because I didn't want to have to walk around in drippy britches. I did, however, give my legs a good squirt down with the spray bottle and then did a bunch of stretching. I also tried this with my pink fredflare shoes, that are a bit too tight. I figured, "Why not while I'm at it?"

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