Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thanks Moe!

My friend Moe suggested these two skirts for my last post and I thought people might to see them.

I love the shape of the plaid one, but am not sure if the color is for me. I really need to see it in person to decide. I also really like the other skirt and would wear it regardless. Love the piping.

I was just thinking about knitting a skirt, actually. What do people think about this? If I made a thick band of ribbing at the top that the shirt could tuck into and then it could be a nice structured stitch pattern, shaped a lot like that first skirt. Maybe even the ruffle!


Brite Lines said...

Rad! I like the idea of knitting, or maybe crochet? What about felted wool for more structure? Also, another option would be to wrap a scarf around the top of a lower waisted skirt to make it higher-waisted. Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing!

Keepitmoving said...

Good ideas Moe! I wish I had my own washing machine to experiment more with felting. I was thinking too, that instead of knitting a whole skirt I would knit a ribbed tube to do what you suggested the scarf for. It could then sit on top of the skirt and com up pretty high, keeping everything in place. I wonder if that would work. I'll have to try!

elan said...

I've knit a skirt, I used a yarn with lycra in it to fight the tendency knit skirts have to stretch across the bottom when you sit.