Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recognize anything?

Yup! That's my room on the lower left. I entered it into Domino's Decorating Contest. I guess later people will be able to go online and vote for their favorite and the winner gets a shopping spree!

I doubt my room involves enough 'design' to actually win, but maybe it's a good sign that they picked mine as one of the four photos this week?

Maybe voters will have a soft spot for cute knitted bunnies!


Stephen Tudor said...

Design, shmesign... If you can get a room to look that way with minimal conscious effort, more power to you!

Kj said...


Garth said...

Kim, will you come design my room? i think i'm finally ready to take a look at my room and make a...change.

Keepitmoving said...

to garth: YES!
to anyone else: YES!