Thursday, October 16, 2008

I tried...

A photo shoot with the ladies the other day, which basically went like this: sneak up on Clarissa, put the hat on, scramble to find my camera and turn around just in time to shoot this...

The one possibility
didn't last long!!
Eleanor, on the other hand, was much more obliging! Too bad I didn't have more in her size!! This harf actually is more for a grown up, but looks pretty great on her anyway.

Pretend you're cold!!!
REALLY cold!!!

Somehow, it seems like overnight, this child has become an honest to goodness "big kid." Her expressions, concerns, eye rolling, thoughts, abilities... amaze me. Everyday I pick her up it's "Let's go to the park and see which of my friends are there!" And when we get there there's a loud "ELEANOR!!" shouted from at least one, if not more, of her friends. They hug hello, make up games and always make sure to say goodbye to each other individually. Yesterday I started taking photos of the girls as they piled up at the foot of the slide which of eventually led to a whole photo shoot with funny poses and everything. So much pink and stripes and flowers and of course... laughing.

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ali said...

Love the "Freezing!" shot! Cutie!

Happy knitting-