Sunday, October 12, 2008

Country Living Mention

Back in April, some editors from Country Living Magazine visited the Brooklyn Flea to take photos for an article. I'm pleased as punch that they included my hats and a little blurb in their article. I'm in such good company too!!

Thanks to everyone who came out today and made my walk home a lighter one! I'm totally looking forward to more Fall days at the Flea!!!!

Thanks Jemaine for swerving by my booth to check out my cuff links, even if it was brief. You're pretty "mother flippin" rad!

If you don't know Jemaine, check out this and get with it quick!


leah said...

just today i was singing "i'm not cryin'" i freaking love those fellas.

awesome news about the write up. looking good!

Anonymous said...

Congrats KBQ! Is it in the November issue?