Friday, October 17, 2008


One of my trees was featured in this weeks Time Out NY!! Check it out!

Since I'm always (proudly) telling people that my style is "sexy grandma" I'm glad to be a part of grandma themed grouping!!


Kj said...

KIMMMMMMMMY! congratulations. that is awesomely awesome. that totally makes up for the fact that i never got stopped on the street to answer their questionnaire. oh that was my fantasy.

dude- everyone is gonna want those now- even more than they already do

zu-zu said...

WOW! Something else I can brag about. Will you get me a copy or do I have to subscribe? I hope you will have some trees left to replace mine that Rascal likes to chew! Keep the inspiration flowing!

Keepitmoving said...

Thanks ladies!! It's cool to be in Time Out, but not quite as cool as being picked for my outfit. I still have my fingers crossed for that!

And yes Mom, of course I have a copy for you!!! It's sitting right here and I'll send it to you sometime....

The two of you are my favorite cheerleaders!!

Mae said...

That's awesome!!!
I also quite like the sounds of "sexy grandma". I've just been getting grandma lately, and often jokes of "where's your knitting?!" Imagine their surprise when I pull some WIP out of my bag... haha!