Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Shirt, Shoes and Computer required!

Today Eleanor, Clarissa and I went to the coffee shop for some bagels. We do this often and I find myself constantly hushing them. Why? Because everyone there is on their darn computer... doing very important work I'm sure, that must take up every table in the joint. What is the deal? Every table tangled with wires and empty mugs? It makes me feel guilty for having a conversation! I think from now on, if I want to sing, I'll sing. If the kids want to dance, they can dance! If we want to sit together and laugh and giggle and have um.... human interactions... we're going to!

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Anonymous said...

I never understood people who go to coffee shops to do "work". Isn't that what the library is for? I know I could never concentrate in a coffee shop. When I was younger it was cool to go to coffee shops and hang out with friends and talk. The "working" people kind of ruined the charm of that.