Monday, April 9, 2007

Some favorites

I'm a relatively new convert to the blog world. I used to wonder how on earth people found time to write a blog, let alone read each other’s blogs! In a culture where writing has gotten increasingly short and abbreviated, I applaud the effort of bloggers who compile beautifully written musings about their life. I really think shared human experience is one of the key ways of understanding our culture... I feel I've gotten to know very close friends even better by experiencing their writing voice. It lends a poetic weight to the day to day and I think it says something our human desire to be heard, understood, relevant and part of something bigger.

After starting my own blog, I've gotten very gung ho about finding and reading great blogs. I love artsy/crafty/shopping/girly/diy/pretty/why didn't I think of that kind of blogs. I wanted to share them with you and say that I'm always looking for more! I wish these people were my friends in real life!

OH JOY! is a lovely little blog just filled with beautiful collections of things. She finds such great things! Look:

My other favorite is How About Orange. Great how to's like these fabric covered thumbtacks!

Lastly, my friends at Purl Soho have an awesome blog called The Purl Bee with great projects, tutorials and inspirations in knitting, sewing, quilting, embroidery and crochet. The kids at Purl are good people with great style and are major supporters of natural fibers. Look at this beautiful fabric display idea:

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