Friday, April 27, 2007


Last night I got off the train pretty hangry and since it was late I didn't want to go home to make food. I know, just pick up food on your way home, like every other city dweller. Oh, I forgot there's only Fried Chicken... WAIT!!! Just kidding, since I moved here four years ago there are a handful of places within paces from my apartment, including the fancy Pizzeria/Exspresso Bar that I got food from last night. As I sat waiting for my fancy sandwich, I watched the handsome Italian owners buzz around in there overly distressed designer denim and thought about this post. I'm going to make a map of all these new places....

The hipness has come to me. That's right, that's a cupcake two blocks away. My map is not really to scale, these little places make a perfect little circle around my house. I haven't left Brooklyn in ages!

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