Saturday, April 21, 2007

Don't worry, I can still knit!

Holy mole chickens!!!
So I was putting away a beautiful pile of kitchen towels yesterday when this slicer guy attacked me. Stupidly I had left it out with one of it's sharpest attachments facing up... I mean it's an incredible kitchen tool, with many SHARP blades to cut anything, including your fingers!!! I set my pile of towels down on top of it, so I could open the drawer and just like that, it had cut through my finger. I'll spare the details but just let you know there was fingernail involved and it totally freaked me out. Not to mention quite a bit of blood, pain and tears on my part.

I was all alone, so of course I called my mom. I balled like a little kid (it felt really good to do that) and decided to go to the emergency room. Luckily my roommate Lauren was on her way home and went to the hospital with me and paid for the car, since I had zero cash.

Ok, we all know E.R.'s take forever right? Well normally I don't mind waiting one bit because I always have my knitting. The trouble is... you can't knit with a bleeding, throbbing, middle finger. It kind of gets in the way, so I had nothing to do for my 5 hour wait. Lauren stayed with me for a while and then my friend Dave showed up with his computer so we could play old school nintendo games. I don't blame anyone for not staying the long haul. They didn't call my name until midnight.

When I first got to the emergency room, I was actually happy to wait because the episode of Grey's Anatomy I had just missed was playing on the t.v. and if I was going to have to sit a wait doing nothing, I might as well catch up on my program. But then the big burly security guard came in and switched the chanel to this:
"Ah, what are you doing? I was watching that." I said.
"I'll change it back..." he grunted (I think)

Then I became one of THOSE people. Out loud:
"You're kidding right? Wrestling? I'm just as tall as you, shoot, I can switch it right back you know. Turn off MY me your blood. Are you bleeding? You can't even see the t.v. from over there...." Eventually I stopped muttering and making all the people around me laugh. I don't think anyone really wanted to watch wrestling... but none of us switched the channel.

Around 11 this somewhat crazy old Haitian man sat down to talk to me. He kept saying he was a "Business Man" and a "Free Man" and shouldn't have to wait. Then he talked to me about voodo and how Heavy Metal music was the devil. Crazy as he was, I enjoyed talking to him after 3 hours of silence. I also made friends with this little boy. He had been tossing glances at me all night and eventually came and sat next to me. He was so cute. He obviously wanted to talk to me, but he kept his head down and wouldn't look at me. Anytime I said anything to him though, he would smile just beams into his lap. I wish I could have hung out longer with him, but they finally called my name.

I went into the trauma room and sat down next to a Polish man in gray shorts, white socks and a muscle shirt. He had obviously been in a fight, cuts and bruises littered his face. "I lost my finger..." I said jokingly. "Maybe it is with my face" he replied, making me giggle. I kind of had a little fun with all the other peeps in the room. I just couldn't be serious because the Dr. was cutting my finger tip off and it really hurt! The Polish guy, who was super cute in the way that he spoke... it certainly didn't match the guy his face suggested... well I'll just have to do my impression of him in person. He was such a riot, I really got a kick out of talking to him. The Dr. jokingly asked me to stay to keep the polish guy occupied. So it all ended on a good note. Only 20 minutes once they called my name.

Now I have a bandaged finger and hopefully everything will grow back. Luckily I can still knit, since I have two sweater sleeves to finish this weekend!

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Kj said...

Oh Kimmy! What a fabulous story recounting! I feel like I was there, and damn I wish I could have been there for you. Sounds like your spirits stayed high even as your finger bled out. You're a brave little cookie. Wish I could have sat with you and forced you to let me read aloud from the Two Towers or Moby Dick.

out of curiosity- Woodhull?

i was just remembering the fact that after i had filled out all the sex/race/religion paperwork, that not only did my hospital bracelt say Religion:Other, but when my parents showed up, they asked them if their daughter was black- they had put my race down as african american. A fantasy come true, yes, but man, what a horrible ER.