Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jewelry Nerd

My recent obsession= Making Jewelry!

My even more recent obsession= Antiquing...
I love this solution because it has turns shiny gold into a aged brown. It's fun and easy to do, just make sure you use plastic containers!

Step 1: Place item in bath of solution and leave in until desired color is reached.

Step 2: Remove from solution and place in a container of water to stop process. I use a plastic fork to do this and not my hand.

Step 3: Use steel wool or an SOS pad under running water to remove most of the finish and create highlights. Dry on paper towel.

Before steel wool

After steel wool

Dinah helping me with my jewelry nerdiness.


kikodelo said...

Oh my it, love it, LOVE IT!!! I'm so excited about your blog...the photos are gorgeous & the entries are definitely "inspired." Keep on keepin' on ;)

Kj said...

Who is that cat? I mean, I know you guys have a new friend, but it's just so strange to see someone other than Louis perched on your desk. Is it just me, or does Dinah have a really smooshed face? Or just a funny haircut? very cute. Today, Carrie's cat Halilah did the leaping attack thing to a piece of lavender on the kitchen floor and it totally made me miss Louis. man I miss that jerk. I can hear him whining and growling even as I type. what a guy!

Keepitmoving said...

Dinah does have a really smooshed face. That's how she rolls. Louis misses you too and your deep tissue masages.

Keepitmoving said...
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