Thursday, February 15, 2007

I enjoy making things, do you?

Hey- so to join the blogging nation.... where it's at apparently.... I want to see if there's interest in this little idea I have.

I like to make stuff. I like to encourage people to make stuff. I love seeing stuff that people make.
I feel most of the sources out there for do-it-yourselfers fall short of true inspiration. I won't name names but some publications -coughreadymade- ask us to make things out of trash and then others (marthastew) expect us to have craft rooms full of the best tools and gold leaf and whew... I can't even afford the thought.

So what's in between? And where does true inspiration come from? And how does that translate to the little things we make each day? The gifts we imagine for our best buddies, the meals, even the doodles while on hold... these are our mark on the world and they mean something.

So bear with me as I begin to flesh out these thoughts and share my world with you.

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