Sunday, November 30, 2008

Inspired decision?

So it's flea market day in Brooklyn and I'm sitting at home wrapped in a blanket instead. Why would I do this, especially after spending the entire day yesterday making new stuff for my table? Please see the drips at right:

It's 37 degrees and raining here and I just couldn't bring myself to go out there! I can handle cold no problem and I can certainly handle rain in the summer when having a stranger see your skivvies through a soaked summer frock is the worst that can happen. (Next to water damaged wares of course.) But cold November rain? No thanks.

The thought of my bare fingers, or worse, rain soaked gloved fingers, folding up icy table cloths into wet bags at the end of the day = ICK. The thought of dragging all the wet stuff home to hang dry in my apartment = DOUBLE ICK. The thought of standing in my tent all day, shivering, weakening my immune system for days afterward= TRIPLE ICK. The thought of paying $$ to do all this and most likely not make a sale = SILLY. So I'm thinking that my decision to stay home= SMART, despite the fact that I'm out my booth fee. After all, I still have to pay whether I show up or not.

Of course, there's always the chance that I could have made bank today. You never know with Flea Markets. There was one drippy day in September when I actually sold more than a bright summer day! Maybe I should have toughed it out. At least then there would have been a chance of making some money back. Whereas here, at home, in my blanket, I'm 100% unlikely to make a sale.

I've already made my decision though, so I just have to make the best of this day. It's a rare and unexpected opportunity to get ahead of the game! What should I do??
  1. Deal with my HUGE pile of Laundry?
  2. Make stuff so I'll have even more next week?
  3. Make up for my lack of November blog posts and blog all day?
  4. Bake cookies so the oven will heat up my apartment? (My heat is not working, another reason I'm too cold to go out there!!)
  5. Organize my computer files?
  6. Wash the floors?
  7. Trim my bangs?
  8. Drink tea and watch a movie? (knitting of course)
  9. Call my mom? (Check)
  10. Organize my receipts and get ready for taxes?


hodge podge said...

awww, what a sad story! but i think you made the right decision, as it could have made you ill for the rest of the month. surely no one was shopping! so what did you do? my money's on #8 ;n)

Keepitmoving said...

Yep! #7 & #8 Catching up on my favorite tv shows and then Paris Je T'aime. The following beverages were consumed: coffee, teas & hot chocolate!