Saturday, June 21, 2008

I survived Renegade 2008!

Someone make the tee shirt already! I survived Renegade 2008!

Scheduling a craft fair in a drained pool is an awesome idea...until... the thunderstorms come and the pool fills up to your ankles! Well, that might be an exaggeration but not for my corner at least. I'm telling you, by the end of the first day, the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair had turned into one of the most fashionable wet tee shirt contests imaginable. Picture it, insanely cute gals in their summer frocks and high waisted shorts bearded boys in their shortest shorts, all running around soaked to the bone. I'm just saying, nothing like giant rain storms to bring people *ahem* together! My friend Anne told about how she and a bunch of kids gathered in the small, drizzle free entrance to wait it out, when all of a sudden one dude says, "Ok... townspeople!" and he spontaneously inspires them all to play Mafia. Way to make lemonade, Mr. and by the way, are you single?

But we survived! All and all, it was a blast! I made new friends and found some sweet new things, which I'll post soon.

Our booth on Saturday before the rain:

The cute kids across the way weren't scared by a little rain, they set up camp like pros!

Love the rolled up jeans and sneaks on dudes, btw...

The rain begins and NEVER ends!!

Slightly freezing...

The next day was a little less rainy. We decided to condense to one table, just in case it rained again. I think it made things cuter! There were many reactions to my Fathers Day sign... the most common being "oh crap! I forgot to call my dad!" Followed by immediate dialing.

I made this tie last minute Sunday morning and it sold right away. I'm glad I grabbed a shot of it. More cattails on the way I think.


Monique said...

I saw your booth-it was so lovely! I think you weren't there at the time, though - my plan was to come back and say hi but my little group fleed when it started raining.

Anyways, I'm spying a couple things on your etsy so I think I'll be putting an order in w. you anyway!

hodge podge said...

oh, your booth looks smashing! i can't believe i never made it over to see... i think i only managed 2 aisles. but i got the OTHER compai pants-- the balloon was! i will send pics of you in your pants as soon as i upload ;n)
love the cattails!!!

Alexander said...

everyone seems to be getting caught in the rain lately...